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Quick link: Donate to Front Line through our fiscal sponsor, Epiphany Productions! Click here, scroll to the bottom of Epiphany’s homepage, and click on their PayPal link.  Fill in the donation form, and be sure to type “Front Line Theatre” into the message field.  All donations are tax-deductible!

Friends of Front Line,

We write to ask for your support for Front Line Theatre’s second annual fundraiser. As you may remember, we at Front Line are committed to the development of original work and physical theatre in the San Francisco Bay Area. One year ago our flagship production, Glory Glory, received glowing responses from critics and audience members alike. This summer we will be embarking on our second production, Rare Earth, a devised work of physical comedy and tragedy set in heightened verse, prose and song.  In this letter you’ll find information about our company, our current project, and the many ways you can contribute to our newest work.  

We are so grateful to those who have generously supported us in the past and we hope you’ll be able to donate again this year.  If everyone who received this letter donated just $5-25, we would be well on our way to covering our costs for the show! Line up and march forward with us: help us bring a powerful new kind of theatre to the Bay Area.  Front Line’s founding members—Ara Glenn-Johanson, Matthew Sergi, Lauri Smith, and Randy Symank—are hard at work again fulfilling the Company’s fundamental belief that art at the front line, at the experimental edge of performance, should not be alienating or elitist—and that, when such stigmas are removed, challenging art based in high-level thought and emotion can unite and empower us.  By passionately developing new works like Rare Earth, Front Line Theatre aims to make quality art popular in order to attract and sustain new theatre audiences.

Rare Earth, a text-and-movement play about climate change and the inetrpretation of the past, draws its form from the seventeenth century and its content from the twenty-first. In it, two explorers from a mainland metropolis crashes his boat among a family of sculptors and artisans on the forgotten Mission Islands—that is, the e-waste landfills floating above the former San Francisco, a century after rising global temperatures and a sudden earthquake have left the familiar topography toppled and most of the land underwater.  When an aggressively intellectual outsider repairs a waterlogged electric generator, restoring electricity to the island, the four natives find that the sins and traumas of prior generations are embedded in every aspect of their lives. As the six characters explore the Mission Islands and progress through two narratives (one absurdly comic, one deeply tragic), they come to terms with the unsettling and unsettled past that keeps peeking through their made objects and their habits. Rare Earth will run in a number of well-respected Bay Area venues this summer: we will preview our developing project June 21-22 at Noh Space, as part of FURYFactory 2011; from there, we will open July 8-10 at CounterPULSE’s Summer Performance Series, then continue on to the Garage on July 21-23.

Front Line is already rehearsing and designing Rare Earth in a manner that rises to our standards for high-quality art and virtuosic performance.  Written by Matthew Sergi, directed by Randy Symank, choreographed by Ara Glenn-Johanson and starring Lauri Smith and Sergi, Rare Earth again features the work of all four Front Line members.  We are proud to be working with new collaborators, too: local actors Dash Hillman, Erin Maxon, Dominique Nigro and Christine Sampson.

 As Front Line advances, aiming to make quality art popular, we need the support of our friends, family, community, and local institutions.  We are a grassroots organization in its early stages of development, and we depend on contributions from individuals and businesses to make our productions possible.  For the coming year, Front Line has set its goals high: in 2011, we want not only to produce and tour Rare Earth in San Francisco, but also to remount Glory Glory for a longer run, and to develop Front Line Theatre’s organizational structure so that we can collaborate and present nationally and internationally, taking our shows to other theaters and to theater festivals throughout the world. You can help in a variety of ways (all donations are tax-deductible):

Send a Check

Please make checks payable to our fiscal sponsor “Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater” and write “Front Line Theatre” in the memo line. This ensures that you will receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes and that your donation will be available for our projects. Mail all checks to 889 De Haro Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

Give Online with a Credit Card
To make a secure online donation using your credit card, please visit the website of our fiscal sponsor, Epiphany Productions, at Scroll all the way down on the website’s front page and hit the “donate now” button. (Or just click here.) Fill in the donation form, and type Front Line Theatre in the message field.

Donate In-Kind
Money is not the only support we need. We welcome discounts on, or donations of, any of the following:
A storage space for props and costumes
Office space for the organization and rehearsal space for our productions
Copy and printing services
Accounting services
Lighting and sound equipment

“Like” us on Facebook
Search for Front Line Theatre and stay in touch with us!

Help us achieve these immediate goals!
For the coming year, Front Line has set its goals high. Help us reach them:
*Successfully present Glory Glory in June 2010!
*Develop Front Line Theatre’s organizational structure and next project, No Means Yes.
*Collaborate and present nationally and internationally. We want to take our shows to other theaters and to theater festivals throughout the world.

Thank you for your time and for supporting the arts!


Ara Glenn-Johanson, Matthew Sergi,
Lauri Smith, and Randy Symank
Front Line Theatre


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