Our Mission, Our Name, Our Values

Front Line Theatre, a collective of Bay Area theatre artists committed to the development of original work, presents insightful, collaborative, multidisciplinary productions.   The core members, deeply involved with the research, production, and performance of Front Line’s work, believe that theatre can and should be at once accessible and complex; rigorous and playful; practical and visionary.

“Front Line” literally translates the avant-garde into a familiar vernacular.  Our fundamental belief is that art at the front line, at the experimental edge of performance, should not necessarily connote alienation or obscurityand that when its elitist stigma is removed, high-quality art based in high-level thought and emotion can unite and empower us.  As we progress toward our vision, we set our course by four core values:

FLT bites off more than it can chew.

In our organization, we actively take risks in curation, programming, and leadership, and we push each other to exit our comfort zones in order to explore new ways of running things.

In our productions, we put forward all of our hearts and guts, and expect our collaborators to do the same.  We take risks, and make demands on the strength and bravery of our audiences, performers, and designers.

FLT is rigorous.

In our organization, we make no choices based solely on convenience or ease.  We make it our business to relentlessly support the production of high-quality art, and we curate with conscious, exacting taste.  We hold each other to our promises,
and require frequent, active input from our core members.

In our productions, we make everyone sweatactors, dancers, directors, musicians, designers, production staffand our audiences know they have paid to see difficult work performed by virtuosic talent.  We will not settle for less.

FLT is public.

In our organization, we are committed to creating art for, sharing art with, and serving the needs of our community.  We will initiate outreach and publicity in a broad swath of neighborhoods, including those with little exposure to theatre.

Our productions will be complex, but never inaccessible.  They may be difficult, but never difficult for difficulty’s sake.  They will be visually rich, dramatically gripping, and highly energetic, reaching out to audiences with all levels of experience
in the arts.  We will host frequent talkbacks, and welcome feedback.

FLT is fresh.

In our organization, we will only produce new work that emphasizes new artistic approaches.  Adaptations are welcome, if they depart radically enough from their sources to warrant a new title.

Our productions will be, above all, like nothing you have ever seen before.

Front Line Theatre has been awarded participation in the Northside Theatre’s In Performance Series, CounterPULSE’s Summer Special, FuryFactory 2011, and a residency at The Garage SF.  FLT is the proud recipient of a Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant.




3 responses to “About

  1. Dylan Glenn-Johanson

    This is awesome. That is all.

  2. Julise Johanson

    Inovative and refreshing! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Can’t wait to see your first creation!

  3. Leah

    Wow. Nice English.

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