Rare Earth

a verse-and-movement comedy
about waste and the past

The six performers of Rare Earth have devised a new drama in physical poetry, bringing sixteenth-century form into a scorched future. A windworn blowhard and an insatiable sailor crash their boat on the Unland — an ancient landfill of electronic waste, where printer toner clouds the air, poisonous metal leaches into the water, and strange and twisted sculptures mark the terrain.  The castaways stir up what the local unlanders have buried (some of it toxic tragedy, some of it comic treasure), learning that the sins and traumas of prior generations are embedded in all their made objects.

Rare Earth is inspired by the very real e-waste landfills and dumps at Guiyu (China), Accra (Ghana), and elsewhere. To learn more about e-waste, toxic trades, and what you can do to help, visit the Basel Action Network (BAN) at ban.org.

Written by Matthew Milo Sergi
Directed by Randy Symank
Choreographed by Ara Glenn-Johanson
Featuring original sculptures by Honey McMoney

Performers: Dashiell Hillman, Erin Maxon, Dominique Nigro, Christine Samson, Matthew Milo Sergi, and Lauri Smith.

One weekend left:

July 21-23, 8pm at The Garage (975 Howard Street)
Rare Earth Closing.  Get tickets.


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